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the process + custom woodworking price and billing

how much will this cost?

There is no easy answer for this question. With custom woodworking each piece is unique, every size is different, and all of your needs vary in accordance with your requests. Price can vary on hardware and lumber and if I need to have materials shipped in. Some wood is easier to work with and takes a finish better than others. A mortise and tenon joint takes longer to make than a butt joint with a screw, but a mortise and tenon will last a lifetime. If you are local, I can deliver the work myself. If I have to ship the work, I have to consider building a shipping crate and distance the work has to travel to you. If I need to present C.A.D. drawings this will take a day or two longer, versus just a request for a unique piece. The final cost will be in the end up to you. I will present you with a customized estimate before we start so you will have a very clear idea of how much your piece will cost. 

there are three phases of billing

1  design and materials 

Prior to construction, we will work together to create a detailed plan for your unique piece. This phase includes: a drawing with exact dimensions, a list of proposed materials, hardware, and methods of construction. When the final drawings are complete, your signature is required for approval, and first payment is due.

An example of sketches and final piece shown below.  



2  final build

When the final construction is done and before the finish is applied, you will be consulted for a final approval. This phase is the last time any changes can be requested or any alterations to the piece will be considered. Second payment is due. 



3  delivery

When your custom piece is finished, the third and final payment is due on the day
of delivery/installation.

Examples of design sketches and final piece

jewrlry armoir 9.26.2019-04.jpg
jewrlry armoir 9.26.2019-01.jpg
Jewelry Armoire front profile.jpg
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