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the process + common questions before we begin

Things to think about before we begin

What type of wood do you want: solid hardwood? exotic lumber? plywood?


The most enduring, strongest pieces are made from solid hardwood; common types of hardwood are maple, oak, cherry, walnut. Exotic lumber is also a solid hardwood, but usually is locally uncommon wood that needs to be hunted down and milled - making it uniquely yours! Plywood is economical and best used to cover large areas. The layer of "real" wood on a piece of plywood is very thin (3/32), which makes it less durable and harder to repair.  



What type of finish do you want: natural/organic/highly polished?

Finishes are used mainly to protect the wood, but there are many choices that effect appearance.  Do you want a glossy, satin, or flat appearance? Do you want to retain the unaltered, natural color of your chosen wood? Or deepen the color while still keeping it natural looking? Stain or dying the wood another color is a possibility, but not advantageous or preferred. Most of the time stain is used on wood to approximate the look of another type of lumber. Instead of stain I prefer to use the real lumber instead of stain. I have extensive knowledge of finishes available and how to combine them to achieve the desired effect. I will always give you my honest opinion on the ideal choice and how best to preserve your custom woodwork and fine furniture. 


What type of hardware do you want: utilitarian or decorative?

understated or a statement piece?

There is a vast array of hardware for any job. Cost varies greatly as does quality. Before we settle on the hardware for your project, think about the daily use (will it need to be adjustable?); consider the quality and style of the build.


Will the final piece fit into my residence? 

Tight corners, stairwells, or doorways? Upstairs location? These logistics should not be an afterthought. Before building, I will make sure that we can get everything in place. Larger pieces, such as a dining room table or bookshelves, might need to be constructed differently to accommodate installation.

Do you work with interior designers? 

Yes, I do work with interior designers. If you are currently working with an interior designer, to create a unique space or piece for your home, I will meet with the designer before starting to work out designs and any concerns.

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